Here's what the parents and children think.

As a busy working mum Marilyn's fashion party was second to none - she organised everything to perfection. The girls all loved her on sight; they had great fun learning about the fashion industry; thoroughly enjoyed designing a few outfits; and customising the t-shirts they designed. Her afternoon tea was absolutely fabulous with dainty sandwiches; kiddy champagne; and lots of other goodies and the party bags were great and very good value. Most definitely money well spent.

Mrs S McKenzie
We all really loved the party because it was something different that no-one had done before and all of us really have "A passion for fashion". After the party was over all of my friends made the comment that it was the best party they had ever been to!
I think what made it so good was that Marilyn was there assisting us and giving us lots of ideas and inspiration. The Birthday Tea was by far the best I have ever had. The cupcakes were delish ! Especially the icing! All of the other items included in the Birthday Tea like the flying saucers and kiddy champagne were amazing and we all really loved it.
The Fashion Quiz was really good fun and I hope to test my friends again and see what they remember! I would also like to say thank you very much for the little present I received it is lovely. The party bags were also great and we all loved them!
All of us have said that we want to go to the Fashion Course. It was the best party I have ever had and I can't thank you enough! Thank you so much! Kirsty xxx :-) :-P

Kirsty McKenzie
"I want to be a fashion designer when I grow up and Marilyn has told me all about the famous fashion designers and what they make, I love my skirt and have already worn it. The course was great fun and I really enjoyed myself. Marilyn is really nice and never shouts like normal teachers, I can't wait to go back"

"I went to the Fashion Class and thought it was absolutely amazing, I did Level 1 and Level 2 and thought they were great. I definitely recommend it to anyone as you learn about fashion and designers as well making items of clothing"

Emily K 
"The Fashion Class is a great place to meet and make new friends and learn at the same time. It's given me lessons on a subject I desperately needed them on"

"The fashion class is amazing and you get to do really fun activities"

"The Fashion Class was really fun. In the beginning, I did not think I would be able to do it as I am not very artistic, but it didn't matter. I surprised myself with some of the work I was able to produce."

"My daughter has done both levels of The Fashion Class and really enjoyed them. Marilyn is great with all the students - very patient and encouraging. Recommended for both budding Fashion Designers and those who just want some creative fun with their friends." 

Mrs. Macnab  
 'I love The Fashion Class!
It's lots of fun learning about fashion designers, getting to design a collection, making your own outfit and modelling! Marilyn is a really good teacher who makes everything interesting and fun.
I can't wait for Level 3!

 'My daughter has completed Levels 1& 2 of The Fashion Class and can't wait for Level 3! Marilyn's fun and enthusiasm is infectious and all the girls love every minute of the varied classes, from learning about designers, branding and photo shoots to actually designing, producing and modelling their own creations!

" I have been to Level 1 and 2 of the Fashion Class and I loved it. It was inspiring to learn about all the famous fashion designers. My favourite part in level 1 was coming up with your own brand, creating a mood board and then creating a collection to match your board. In level 2 I loved creating a top based on someone famous and the secret missions were brilliant. The only part I didn't like was when it ended! I would recommend the Fashion Class to everyone who loves fashion and art. I would love to say loads more but I don't want to tell you everything because that would ruin the surprise if you go. Thanks for such a brilliant club Marilyn and please do more levels!! "

Kirsty R. 
" I have little to add to the above other than to say that Marilyn is an excellent teacher, enthusiastic and patient. All the girls receive a fashion portfolio to keep and refer back to. My daughter will be thrilled to learn there is a new level 3 class."

Laura R.
I am happy to recommend The Fashion Class.
Marilyn’s enthusiasm for her subject is clearly evident, and this is reflected in the class which is not only informative but also great fun for the young people participating. My 12 year old daughter has thoroughly enjoyed completing levels 1 and 2, and hopes to proceed with level 3 next session.

Susan Martin
The Fashion Class is so interesting and fun!
I’ve learnt so much I never knew about fashion before and I also really enjoyed working like a fashion designer. I would definitely recommend The Fashion Class as you have so much fun and the atmosphere is so friendly.

Catherine Martin
I really enjoyed going to The Fashion Class and I had fun learning about the different design houses, fabrics, accessories and styles. I am not very good at drawing and was pleased to have templates to trace to make drawing and design tasks easier. Marilyn made each class different and fun and I loved making my own skirt. I would recommend The Fashion Class to anyone who is interested in clothes. fabrics and accessories.

Holly McWhirter, Age 12. 
"My daughter age 12, has attended the Level 1 and Level 2 courses and has loved every one of them. Each course is extremely professionally structured. Marilyn is a fantastic teacher who inspires the girls and really encourages them to be creative. We look forward to a Level 3 class"

Mrs. S. Lawrie 
"My 10 year old daughter has a keen interest in fashion design and this course was right up her street ! She has just finished Level 1 and eveyone has been full of admiration for the skirt Marilyn helped her design and make. Alexandra was taught everything from who the main designers are, to how to plan a photo shoot and she loved every minute. The whole course was well organised and Marilyn herself is full of enthusiasm. We will be back for Level 2"

Karen, Houston
What a great change from the norm! My daughter loved learning about different brands and fashion houses. She especially enjoyed using a sewing machine and seeing the wonderful end products from level 1 and 2, as did both her dad and I! Looking forward to seeing what comes from level 3.

Mrs Craig
The fashion class gave me a great look into the wonderful world of fashion. I liked using the sewing machine and iron. I particularly liked making new friends and seeing their great ideas too.

I have really enjoyed coming to The Fashion Class. All the things we get to do are great fun and I love coming home and working on things I have done in class. Overall, The Fashion Class is amazing and I have learned so many things !! xx

The Fashion Class has been an amazing and different experience for me because I am very sporty. I loved it. In everything you do you can bring out your own personality and there is no limit to what you can do. Marilyn is an amazing teacher and so lovely. She takes the time to speak to you individually and helps you improve dramatically.

I have just completed level 3 of The Fashion Class and the fashion show was amazing !! I was nervous at first but it turned out to be so much fun, you got to showcase everything you made and customised through all the levels! The music was really good and having someone to do our hair and make up made us feel like real models. I have loved every minute of all the courses and I don't want them to end!!!

Holly T 
I would recommend The Fashion Class to any young budding fashion designer. My daughter was able to create fashion items and be creative. The classes also build confidence in her ability to design and show her work.

Jacquie McNeill 
Every girls dream made happen by Marilyn. You can't afford not to do it.

Mrs C. Paterson
The fashion show was amazing! I was watching the show and the girls did a brilliant job.

Rachael Curry  
Both my daughters loved every minute of the classes. They had a lot of fun.

S. Wright 
I have completed 3 levels of The Fashion Class and enjoyed every minute. The fashion show at the end was great fun and I wish I could do it again!

The Fashion Class is amazing, in my opinion it is exactly what most girls that age are interested in. Marilyn teaches them about branding and style and how to design clothes without just walking into a store and picking an item off the shelf. If you ask me, too many children focus only on expensive brands without paying any attention to cut, fit style etc. The classes take a more mature look at different brands and their different styles. Marilyn's attention to details is fantastic. I would thoroughly recommend The Fashion Class as it gives young girls a true taste of what the whole fashion industry is all about and helps them to create their own look instead of following others.

Mrs J. Holms
I think The Fashion Class is a great place to go! It is a wonderful way to spend your evening and everyone is so friendly. I love it because you can be so creative and design clothes the way you want to. I especially loved the Fashion Show, it was great to be able to show everyone your own fashion sense. Overall The Fashion Class is a wonderful place to be and I definitely recommend it.

Emily Holms  
At the end of Level 3 we got to walk in a Fashion Show where we modelled all the clothes we had made and customised. The Fashion Show was really good fun and all of us really enjoyed it. I particuarly enjoyed styling each outfit. We all got our hair and make up done by a professional make up artist and someone was in doing the music which was fabulous and made it exciting - just like a real fashion show. I really enjoyed doing the fashion show and have loved it all.

Ellie 13. 
I love The Fashion Class. Marilyn is lovely and I have made tons of new friends. I am already quite a confident person, but this class has really boosted my confidence! I love the clothes we make and we get to also see real designers clothes. The photo shoots are so professional and they give you a whole load of fun. The fashion show was the highlight of the classes so far and I can't wait for more levels. Thanks Marilyn!

The fashion Class is a great way to make new friends and learn lots of new things. Marilyn is so willing to help us if we get stuck and she is my inspiration to continue with fashion in the future. I have completed all four levels!

Nina - 14
My daughter always looks forward to The Fashion Class and comes home inspired with new and creative ideas.

Mrs Thexton
The Fashion Class is fun, enjoyable and gives a real insight into the world of Fashion.

Nika 13  
I love The Fashion Class so much and it lets me be who I am inside.

Amy 10
This is a great course for my nine year old daughter who is a budding fashionista. Two hours each week - good value for money and great materials used.

Mr B Armstrong
Once again my daughter is enthusing about The Fashion Class.  Now on Level 3, she is enjoying the challenge of designing for a client, she also rates the opportunity to create her own label and customize and design unique pieces.

The Fashion Class cheers up a usually dull day and is something I really look forward to.  I love designing my own collections and learning about the fashion industry and different designers.  Not to be missed. 

My daughter has absolutely loved every minute of The Fashion Class.  She is about to start Level 4 and will be very disappointed when it comes to an end.  The courses are very informative, creative and most of all fun.

Mrs Newlands
I love The Fashion Class because it helps me with my drawing and sewing skills.  I like designing collections and I love customising things we can actually wear.  And, I love Fashion.

Hannah 12
Excellent show - very professional.

Sarah Newlands
What a 1st class show! Truly professional and what fantastic results from all of the students.

Mrs Telfer
Fantastic evening!

The Fashion Show was a great end to a fab course, it gave the girls confidence and fashion skills. Thanks.

Mr Comerford
My daughter loves the courses. Thanks for all the hard work.

Alex McKay
My daughter really enjoyed making her own items of clothing and she has become more aware of what suits her when out shopping.

Mrs Smith
I absolutely LOVE The Fashion Class - and my skirt!

Erica 13
I loved all of the levels and I also loved creating lots of things at Fashion Camp, we done so many things from looking at designs to making your own clothing.  Anyone can do it and Marilyn is so helpful and kind towards everyone at all times.  You will love it and its a great place to make friends and meet new people.

Holly 13
I have learned so many new things throughout the four levels of The Fashion Class.  My favourite thing would have to be the Fashion Show, it was daunting at first, but once into the way of it, I had great fun showing off my designs to friends and family.  I love The Fashion Class.

Cath 14
I love The Fashion Class because it is a fun way to learn about lots of designers.  My favourite part of The Fashion Class is the Fashion Show.  I love that you get to show off what you have made and customized.

Rebecca 1
Fashion Class is amazing.  I loved the Fashion Show, you are a bit nervous at first but after the first walk you just have fun and its great.  You make new friends, have fun and create fashions.

Zara 12
I have completed all four level, The Fashion Show and Fashion Camp.  These have been the best few months i've had.  I love The Fashion Class.  Lots and lots of love,

Fashion Class has been great.  I love it so, so, so, so, much.  I'm glad my friend told me about it or I would have missed out on a great opportunity.  I loved the Fashion Show and Fashion Camp is great for over the holidays!  I will definitely be recommending this to all of my friends.  I love The Fashion Class.

Hannah xxx
Thank you and I would like to congratulate you again for the catwalk event at the end of level 3, my daughter is looking forward to level 4. If you would ever consider extending the length of your classes by creating further levels we would be glad if you would let us know. My daugher greatly enjoys your tuition and we will be glad to support her attendance.

Almudena Cervantes Munoz
Fashion Camp is Amazing - you make so many great, stylish things and it is so hard hard to choose what I liked making the most. At Fashion Camp parties you have so much fun! Fashion Class is so fun - I love it.

Sophie 10
I went to camp and it was great, I also had a fashion party with my friends and it was so good. My friends all loved it.

Georgia 10 
My favourite part was making the mood board and basically everrything, with the fashion camp it was making my bag and T-shirt. Just coming in every day to the class and camp is amazing.

Katie 10
I loved doing our fashion photo shoot when you get to be a stylist and then a model.

Katie 10 
I really enjoy the Fashion Class because I love fashion and I love designing clothes and now I love it even more because I do even more exciting things like modeling, styling and making my own skirt. I can't wait to move on to different levels and designing and making more. I love everything about The Fashion Class.

Kirsty 12

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